Endothermic Generators: A Quick Troubleshooting Guide

An endothermic gas generator is comprised of at least one heating system and a reaction supply system. The typical components of each system are identified on Figure #1. A general understanding of these basic components is useful when troubleshooting any gas generation problem.

Air/Gas Ratio

The air/gas ratio is the leading indicator of any change inside the endothermic gas generation process. The air/gas ratio is simply a description of the recipe being used in the gas reaction. Typically, a higher air/gas ratio will produce endothermic gas with a higher dew point. However, the air/gas ratio can change considerably to maintain the same dew point for a number of reasons as detailed below. Therefore, it is important to understand the normal ratio “range” associated with a particular generator so that it is easier to identify actual problems when they occur.

Victor Zacarias

Víctor Zacarías is a Metallurgical Engineer from the University of Queretaro with studies in Strategic Management from Tec de Monterrey. With over 15 years of experience in Heat Treatment Management, he is currently the Managing Director of Global Thermal Solutions México. He has conducted numerous courses, workshops and assessments in México, United States, Brazil, Argentina and Costa Rica. He has been member of the AIAG Heat Treat Work Group (CQI-9 committee) and the SAE Aerospace Materials Engineering Committee (AMS2750).

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