Any temperature system is composed of a sensor (in heat treat, commonly a thermocouple) and an instrument. Having a properly calibrated sensor is just the beginning of the road to an accurate and consistent measuring system so, lets talk this time about the instrumentation. You may like: How to choose temperature sensors in Heat Treatment

The instruments receive electrical communication from the thermocouples and convert the electromotive force (emf) produced by the sensors into temperature values that can be used in the controlling, monitoring and recording of the process parameters.

In heat treatment, we usually have three categories of instruments:

  1. Standard instruments
  2. Test instruments
  3. Furnace instruments

Each category has a specific purpose and the requirements are normally defined by the process specification. AMS2750 and CQI-9 for example, clearly define the usage and precision of the instrumentation used in thermal processing. On the following infrographic you can find useful recommendations about temperature instrumentation and the most common calibration requirements

Victor Zacarias

Heat treat management expertise: CQI-9, AMS2750

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Written by Victor Zacarias

Heat treat management expertise: CQI-9, AMS2750

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