3 essential Mobile apps for Heat Treaters

Heat Treater’s Guide Companion by ASM International

This free app provides a large reference data base for more than 400 alloys including steel, aluminum and magnesium. Each alloy is detailed with chemical composition, characteristics and, more important, the recommended heat treatment procedure. Used in companion with the ASM print/online databases, this is a very handy tool for heat treatment designing. www.asminternational.org


Wilson Hardness Converter by Buehler

A quick and easy hardness converter based on the ASTM E140 standard. Features include conversion of popular scales (Rockwell, Vicker, Knoop, Brinell) and correction of Rockwell scales for cylindrical products. Just remember that, just like the ASTM E140 tables, the values can be used only as a reference.


eCapture by C3 Data

The perfect tool for those involved in pyrometry testing. This subscription app minimizes the paperwork labor and reduces human error by simplifying the capturing and reporting of furnace calibrations and System Accuracy Tests (SAT). Features include fully automatic test scheduling, standards management and one touch calibration/SAT report generation (AMS2750 and CQI-9 compliance). TUS capabilities are announced to be ready by the end of this year. www.c3data.com



Victor Zacarias

Heat treat management expertise: CQI-9, AMS2750

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